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Day Trips from Las Vegas ❥ If you’re not too drunk to function.

Beginning of September, I went on an amazing road trip adventure to the American Southwest and have been sharing some traveling hacks in the past few weeks. To conclude this series, here are some destination ideas for day trips from Las Vegas  – if you’re not too hungover to drive that is.

First and foremost, this post was originally supposed to go up last week. Knowing me, I got consumed by Netflix. Since then, the news about the Vegas shooting broke out and I can’t begin to imagine how that could’ve easily been me there…

With so much that’s been going on in the rest of the world (Hurricane Irma, etc. etc.), I feel like my social media and my blog are part of a safe haven that I can turn to to forget what’s happening around me. And this is exactly why I tend to not talk about these sorts of serious topics on here. I understand that traveling is very much a privilege especially when there are those dealing with difficulties who can’t necessarily afford such luxuries. Not really sure where I’m going with this. Guess sometimes the guilt just eats me up inside. This isn’t gonna be some kinda self-reflection post but I felt like I needed to get this off my chest. Thoughts and prayers to all those affected in recent catastrophes.

And on with the juicy bits!

Seven Magic Mountains

Seven Magic Mountains

When looking for fun things to do in Las Vegas, there’s no doubt that this magical art piece will appear in your search results.

Seven Magic Mountains is a a creative expression of human presence in the desert. It reflects both concepts of nature versus artificiality as represented by the distant mountain ranges and heavy traffic flow between LA and Las Vegas. Made popular by Instagram, this is definitely the “it” thing to see. Although I bet you can’t tell it cost $3.5 million to install!!!

Seven Magic Mountains Seven Magic Mountains Seven Magic Mountains Seven Magic Mountains

It’s an easy 30-minute drive from the strip and makes for a super cute photo shoot opportunity.

Seven Magic Mountains Seven Magic Mountains Seven Magic Mountains

We unfortunately came on a cloudy day (technically night as we arrived around 5pm). It was actually drizzling for a bit too. That said, there weren’t as many people.

Is this really worth seeing though? I personally thought it was ugly to be honest. Then again I’m the sort of person who appreciates beauty in its most natural state. Hence I thought the desert alone was perfect as is. But you know what they say… Art, whether you love it or hate it, the purpose is to elicit a response. I’m probably contradicting myself here, but like I said, it definitely is a great spot for pictures. Be sure to add it to your list of things to do in Las Vegas and try see it while it’s still there!

To learn more about Rondinone’s work, take a look at the Seven Magic Mountain website.

Kelso Dunes

Kelso Dunes

I don’t remember how exactly I came across this beautiful desert on Instagram, but I did. And the moment I did, I immediately put it on my book of “things to see in Las Vegas”.

Kelso Dunes Kelso Dunes Kelso DunesScenic drive en route Kelso Dunes.

Kelso Dunes Kelso DunesKelso Dunes

Located in the Mojave Desert, Kelso Dunes is southwest of Seven Magic Mountains and just a short hour and 45 minute-drive from the Vegas strip.

Kelso Dunes Kelso DunesKelso Dunes Kelso Dunes Kelso Dunes

This was probably a fail for us though since we technically didn’t even make it that far out. We walked for 20 minutes towards the peak and turned around because the sand was burning hot and practically scorching our feet.

We knew we’d be walking and hiking lots. Which is why we’d worn runners for the whole time we were in the Southwest. Long and behold the time when we really needed to be wearing sneakers, we wore sandals. And only because we wanted to look pretty in our Instagram shots. (Lame.) Okay well in my defense, sandals and sand kinda go hand in hand. When was the last time you saw someone wear a pair of Nikes on the beach?

If you’re thinking of hitting up Kelso Dunes, just know that it’ll be a good hike to get to the peak and closed shoes are definitely encouraged. Oh and remember to bring water too!


Day Trips from Las Vegas

And there you have it! Two fun day trips from Las Vegas you could take on your next Las Vegas adventure. For more on what else to see while you’re in the area, hit up my previous posts on Horseshoe Bend + Antelope Canyon and Bryce Canyon National Park.

Tune in again next week for my Los Angeles guide. See you then 😉

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    1. Hahahahaa you barely have time to sleep with all them parties going on, who has time to venture off the strip! 😉

  1. Oh my god, everything about this is so drool worthy! I love love love your video in the beginning and your photos! Holy cow, so freaken adorable. I’ve always wanted to hit up that area of the U.S. and road trip to all the natural beauts and art installations there. But $3.5 million just to install a bunch of rocks on top of each other, like whattt??? I would have never guessed in a million years it cost that much.

    1. Thank you so much Alex!!!!! <3 And I know right, tell me about it. Imagine what you could do with all that money! I hear they're getting rid of it tho as it is too expensive to maintain hahaa so if you wanna go, you gotta be quick lol!

  2. We were in Vegas this time last year. So wish we would have known about the 7 Magic Mountains – very random but looks super fun to do a photo shoot. 🙂

    1. Definitely! I was gonna say you could always check it out the next time you revisit but I do hear it’s getting taken down soon!

  3. Love your ideas! We visited Vegas two years ago, and I wish I knew about those two. We went further to Joshua Tree Park though, that was really good too.

    1. Joshua Tree Park is soooo on my list! Although we actually did pass by one in either Utah or Arizona. It was quite a small one tho.

  4. We have a friend who is not so far from Vegas but we haven’t visited it yet… We always wanted… These colorful mountains is one of the coolest things we have ever seen! We’d like to take tons of photos here hahaha

    1. You gotta hurry if you wanna tho. I hear it’s getting taking down! Guess it’s time to phone up that friend for a visit hahaa 😉

  5. Although I know of vegas, and the Nevada Desert I had no idea about the 7 magic mountains, I’ve instantly just added it to my list of things to do on my USA road trip. Your post has given me some great ideas 😀 Thanks for bringing this to my attention

    1. Glad to hear, Amit! Although I am sorry to inform, as I just found out, that the rocks won’t be there for much longer :/

  6. I love this guide and I feel like it’s speaking to me, haha. This would be my ideal way to enjoy Las Vegas. While I do love to explore the city and the strip, I think this would be a fun change from all the common ways to see LV!

    1. Oh definitely! And I mean your body can only handle so many days of being hungover right? You need a break and some healthy activities LOL!

  7. Well I truly detest Vegas (at least the casino and strip areas most people visit when they go) but I do love the desert hiking when you get out off the beaten path there-it can be a cool place when it’s not summer! 🙂

    1. For sure! I get that the casino and party scene isn’t for everyone, but there’s definitely something for everybody in Vegas 😀

  8. I saw a couple of friends went here but they never mentioned about the $3.5 mill. I wonder what the material of those art pieces? You made beautiful pictures though.

    1. Thanks so much Umiko! If you google Seven Magic Mountains, they have a website where they go in-depth about their installation process and you’d be surprised how much work went into just “stacking rocks” XDD

  9. Thanks for posing ideas that are not on the strip. I never really had an interest to go to Las Vegas until now

    1. Hahhaaa girl you gotta give your body a break from all that hangover sometimes! And strange enough, I always see people bring their kids to Vegas so you’d be surprised!

  10. Wow! That looks unreal. My boyfriend wants to go to Vegas in 2018 as we’ve never been to the USA at all & Vegas is a different place on earth. This makes me excited as I’m not a big gambler and would rather do a bit exploring around!

    1. Aww that’s awesome! These day trip ideas are perfect then!!! Although I do hear they are taking down the colored rocks soon so not sure if they’ll still be around in 2018 :/

    2. There is a very beautiful park near Vegas: Valey of fire. You do need a car to go there. It’s awesome and beautiful. You can just drive around, hike, explore, have a picknick between the rocks. Highly recommended!

  11. I really wanted to do the seven magic mountains last time we went to Vegas but we just didn’t have time – love your photos! Another idea for a day trip is going to the Grand Canyon. I took a helicopter there from Vegas and although it was expensive, it was definitely worth it.

    1. Thanks Anisa! Lucky you!!!!! I was dying to do a helicopter ride but you’re right, it is quite expensive. And we checked out Grand Canyon too and went as far as Horseshoe Bend & Antelope Canyon even. I have a whole separate post on mistakes to avoid making when visiting 😀

  12. So much wanderlust going on in one post! Your pictures are beyond amazing! I love the fun facts about the Seven Magic Mountains. Definitely one for a bucket list!

    1. Thank you so much Yesh! Really glad to hear you enjoyed my photos since I wasn’t quite feeling them as you can see, cloudy skies don’t exactly make for the best photography setting.

  13. I’ve been to Vegas (too) many times. But only ever did a day-trip once. We went to the Hoover Dam and really enjoyed it. It’s easy to get to and a very cool thing to see. Just another idea to add to the list!

  14. Really cool video and pictures!
    What camera did you use to shoot them?
    I’m also divided regarding the Seven Mountains. The pictures are beautiful, and the colors in the middle of the desert are great. On the other hand, Nature itself was pretty too! And the cost of this installation :O
    It’s great that you talk about those two spots, I would never have guessed that there is so much to see around Las Vegas 🙂
    If I ever go on that road trip along the West Coast, I’ll make sure to check out the Death Valley and Las Vegas.

    1. Thanks so much Pauline!! I use a mirrorless camera – Fujifilm X-Pro 2 🙂 And I’m totally with you about the rocks. They’re cute for photos but Mother Nature is beautiful on her own as well!

    1. I hear they’re taking down the rocks soon? But I’d highly recommend it if you could revisit before then 😀

  15. Seven Magic Mountains looks absolutely beautiful but when I read that it cost 3.5 million to install this, I keep wondering whether it wouldn’t have been better to spend that money on more useful things like helping people in need. Well, but that’s another topic, of course and your pics are really great.

    1. My thoughts exactly!!! I’m so torn about the idea because of that but not gonna lie, they do make for a pretty cute photo backdrop. And thank you Daniela. Hope you enjoyed a wonderful weekend!!

  16. 3.5 million….seriously!? That is some crazy money! (They do look very festive though).
    I think the natural sand dunes are more my thing too. Oh, and I get the sandals thing, trainers and a maxi skirt isn’t a great look.

  17. Great post! Every time I’ve gone to Vegas, I never left the city. It’s good to know there are day trip options too, because I’m getting to the age where I’m actually pretty tired of the Vegas scene haha

    1. Hahhahaa I feel you. Nature walks are definitely much more enjoyable when you reach that age where your body can’t physically handle the booze and the party no more.

  18. More than anything I love simply LOVE your photos and that video. Didn’t know about seven magic mountains. Amazing post!!!

  19. There is so much to see and experience in Vegas beyond the party and casino scene. I love the landscapes around the place, it has a kind of wild beauty. The seven mountains look so surreal. The man made structures are so colourful and so contrasting with the wilderness in the background.

    1. There’s actually so much to see around the area. Hoover Dam, Grand Canyon… oh the list goes on! I definitely think Vegas/the American Southwest has something for everyone.

  20. The colorful seven magic mountains is what I need to photograph and get on my Instagram. I know they are not there permanently but my Dad is in the area next week and I’m sending him to photograph them! I can’t believe how tall they are, when I saw the people stood by them. This is a worthwhile day trip from Vegas!

    1. That’s so cute! And yess they’re HUGE!!!!! I saw two Japanese ladies who took a taxi cab there so you bet it’s worthwhile hahaa 😉

  21. Great! It’s nice to see that there are really cool natural attractions in Las Vegas. It’s a refreshing shift from all those casinos and hotels. My dad and relatives, who live in California, usually travel to Las Vegas on weekends. 🙂

  22. This looks awesome! Two things I would never expected to see. I think I would love to go to Vegas particularly to explore outwith the main strip so this is great! Thanks for the tips!

  23. The cost of that art installation! OMG! I guess I don’t think it’s ugly, but definitely not worth that! Definitely a cool place for an Insta photo, though.

  24. You video is stunning. The red rocks are breathtaking. Also just wanted to say I feel you on that statement about social media being an escape from some of the stress of the world. Thanks for making art and taking our minds off things 🙂

    1. Thank you Maloney for understanding! Traveling is really such a privilege and I’m blessed to get to have these beautiful experiences and share them with my readers here on the blog 🙂

  25. Wow! I can’t believe it cost over 3 million to install Seven Magic Mountains. I’ve always wondered where that was and now I know 🙂

  26. I’m a huge Vegas fan, having been more than 30 times, but I can never quite tear myself away from the city. I love the landscapes here, and those rocks are kind of cool. Maybe next time…

    1. Hahhaha girllllll you’re crazy! I’ve only been twice and I already feel like my body is too old to handle all the parties and alcohol. Hope you’ll get to check these places out the next time you’re there 😉

  27. Just read over this for the second time! I have a friend from Spain coming to America this summer, and we are hoping to go to Vegas together. I’ll have to send this to her!!