Nineteen27 Smores Portland Pittock Mansion

Beautiful waterfalls, amazing food, tax free shopping – oh I’ve heard so much about the City of Roses! No holiday, no vacation breaks, just a regular weekend, but DJ and I decided to pack our bags and away we went on this mini 2-day adventure to Portland, Oregon.

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Sea to Sky

I’ve lived in Vancouver for over a decade, yet I’ve never skied or snowboarded at Whistler let alone pay a visit in the summer. So I dragged my boyfriend up with me and we spent our first little getaway here. View Post


What’s crazier than going to Cancun for spring break? Going to Cancun for spring break with a total stranger.
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To celebrate my boyfriend’s 21st birthday, I took him up to Vernon for a quick weekend getaway at Sparkling Hill Resort. (Or well, he took us there since he drove, but you get the idea.)

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