Boating in Kelowna

After my first boating experience back in September, I fell in love with the waves. This time round, I took a different group of friends and away we sailed! View Post

Life in Kelowna

I remember when I first moved to Kelowna for school, I hated it. It was such a dead town with nothing to do and nowhere to go, but over the course of my university career, I began to embrace its beauties and really started liking it a lot more. I don’t spend much of my summers here, but when I do, they’re definitely the most beautiful and most memorable moments.

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22nd Birthday

Is it just me or does the older you get, the faster the times slip you by? View Post

Fishing in the Okanagan

Fishing! Yes!! What were you thinking when you read that (provocative) title.

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Last Saturday, my friends and I took advantage of the summer weather here in the Okanagan and rented a Tigé R20. View Post