Oahu Lanikai Hillside Estate

I’m dreaming of a white Christmas sand beach.

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Honolulu Honolulu-26

After spending two fruitful days in North Shore, we decided to venture down Honolulu. View Post

Turtle Bay Resort

Growing up, horseback riding had always been my favorite Saturday activity. It all started when my neighbor took me to her barn and let me ride one of her horses. This feeling of freedom, this exhilarating excitement and connection with the surrounding environment… I just fell in love instantly. View Post

Turtle Bay Resort

Back in May, I took my mom to Oʻahu as a happy mother’s day gift as well as to celebrate my birthday in advance. We stayed at Turtle Bay Resort up at North Shore and it was quite the magical stay. I know that this is such a long overdue post but I’d been busy migrating the site from Blogger to WordPress. A lot of things are still not how I like them so I apologize in advance for any awkward site transitions. Without further ado, let’s jump right into the review! View Post