Chicago Cloud Gate

After weeks and weeks of overtime work and frozen dinners, you finally got your paycheck. But instead of putting it into your savings account like the responsible adult you should be, you decided to book a spontaneous weekend trip to Chicago. So now what? How do you know what the best things to do in Chicago are? Do you go and purchase Chicago travel guides from the local bookstore? Do you google Chicago trip planners? Or are you already pulling all your hairs out because the Type A personality in you forgot how stressful last-minute trip planning is?

Well, hakuna matata because you’ve come to the right place. Without further ado, here is your ultimate 48-hour Chicago itinerary for a perfect weekend in Windy City. 

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Giordano's Deep Dish Pizza

So you’ve been planning a trip for weeks now looking at pictures on Instagram and Pinterest for inspiration and checking out TripAdvisor for top things to do in Chicago. There is absolutely nothing worse than getting hyped for a vacation and being thoroughly disappointed with your actual visit. To ensure you don’t go through the same feeling of frustration as me, here are top 6 Chicago tourist traps to avoid.

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The Alise Chicago

Not sure where to stay in Chicago for your upcoming weekend trip? Well look no further because The Alise Chicago is your perfect choice!

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