Our First Trip ❥ Summertime in Whistler

Sea to Sky
Sea to Sky

I’ve lived in Vancouver for over a decade, yet I’ve never skied or snowboarded at Whistler let alone pay a visit in the summer. So I dragged my boyfriend up with me and we spent our first little getaway here.

But first, dim sum with friends!

Whistler Whistler
And off we went!

Sea to Sky Sea to Sky Sea to Sky Sea to Sky

Before we reached Whistler, we actually stopped by the Sea to Sky Gondola in Squamish.

Sea to Sky Sea to Sky Sea to Sky Sea to Sky Sea to Sky Sea to Sky Sea to Sky Sea to Sky Sea to Sky

Tickets were about $33 per person, which I originally thought was a tad expensive, but when I saw the view, I knew it was worth every penny. I can’t even begin to describe my overwhelming sense of astonishment. If you’ve been living in Vancouver and have never been up the Sea to Sky Gondola, this my friend, is a must-see for you.

Now we obviously visited in the summer, but I can imagine how just as beautiful the winter scenery would be with snow-capped mountains in the background. Definitely go check it out!

Summit Lodge Boutique Hotel

We continued our drive and checked in at our little getaway spot at Summit Lodge Boutique Hotel.

Summit Lodge Boutique Hotel Summit Lodge Boutique Hotel Summit Lodge Boutique Hotel

We’d stayed for one night only and I reserved a Queen Deluxe Studio room so the total came to $173.02 after tax.

The room actually made me feel at home. Something about the overall color scheme really conveyed a soothing, tranquil feeling (or maybe that’s just me whenever I see a bed). The decor was very personalized, with a cute handmade doll sitting on the bed when we arrived. I really liked the artwork on the walls too (those cameras man, I mean this hotel just gets me). Very cozy room, certainly didn’t have that hotel chain vibe to it. In fact it made me forget we were even staying at a hotel. And I guess that’s what makes a boutique hotel so different from a big brand name corporate business. Home away from home!

Summit Lodge Boutique Hotel Summit Lodge Boutique Hotel

We also checked out the hotel pool. I got quite a few looks but 22 and a donut float? Don’t see a problem with that!

Whistler WhistlerKani Blossoms

WhistlerBlack Diamond

Dinner took place at Nagomi Sushi and it took us forever to decide on what to order because everything on the menu looked so delicious. We had the Kani Blossoms, which was rice and avocado wrapped with red tuna, topped with Alaskan King crab meat, mayo, tobiko, and tempura bits. Black Diamond – chef’s choice of 10 pieces of nigiri sushi. And ughh their chicken karage was to die for!!!!!+1 recommend if you’re ever up in Whistler.

Whistler Whistler Whistler

We ended the night with a stroll in Whistler Village and I’ve really only ever been to Big White so the scale of Whistler seriously got me going wooooowwwwwwww.


The next morning, we checked out of the hotel and hit up Lost Lake.

Lost Lake Lost Lake Lost Lake

Now I don’t know if I have bad luck or what, but a lot of times when I travel or go anywhere, the heavens simply refuse to cooperate. When we left for Whistler, there had been a forest fire and so the skies were a little hazy, a little grey, but not too much. Then eventually the fire got out of hand hence the thick smog started to spread. That said, Lost Lake wasn’t as gorgeous as I imagined it to be, but that haze sure added mystery to the “Lost” Lake name.

Next on our list was the Alexander Falls. We got lost trying to find it and again, its beauties were masked by the smog, but the scale of it was still just as majestic.

Alexander Falls

We followed up the waterfall theme and stopped by Shannon Falls. Our first official date was going to see the Bridal Veil Falls so you can say we have a thing for waterfalls.

Shannon Falls Shannon Falls Shannon Falls Shannon Falls

Last item on our itinerary was Porteau Cove, which we actually drove by on our way to Whistler but didn’t get a chance to see.

Porteau Cove Porteau Cove Porteau Cove Porteau Cove Porteau Cove Porteau Cove

We did a tiny bit of hiking. Very gorgeous view when you climb up the rocks. And I could definitely see myself kayaking here. Nice place for boating too perhaps.

Ernest Ice Cream

Before bae sent me home, we dropped by Earnest Ice Cream. YASSS!!!! Finally got to try their ice cream! I SCREAM FOR ICE CREAM!

Ernest Ice Cream Ernest Ice Cream

I forgot what bae got, but I tried the Maple Walnut and it was divine. So rich, so creamy, and you get a little bit of a crunch from the walnut. Five hearts out of five. There’s a reason why people rave about these.

Ernest Ice CreamI know you see me in that ice cream scoop.

Ernest Ice Cream

Soooooo yummy I couldn’t resist packing two jars home and sharing it with the fam. Maple Walnut of course and Whiskey Hazelnut. Whiskey anything sounds good to me.


And that concludes our first little getaway with bae! See you in my next post.

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