100 Staycation Quotes for When You’re Feeling Stuck at Home

staycation captions

Say bye-bye to long flights, jet lag, and complicated itineraries. Here are 100 staycation quotes that will make you want to vacation in your home city.

staycation captions staycation quotes for instagram

Staycation Quotes for Instagram

As much as I love exploring UNESCO sites and new cuisines, sometimes you just need to escape life without the stress of international travel.

Whether you’re feeling stuck at home or you’re in need of some caption ideas to show off your staycation memories, I’ve got you covered!

Best Staycation Captions

  1. Not every vacation has to be far from home.
  2. A staycation is just what the doctor ordered.
  3. Traveling without leaving my comfort zone.
  4. Packing my bags and headed for a staycation!
  5. Life is too short to not take a staycation every now and then!

caption for staycation quotes staycation

  1. Staycation today, staycation tomorrow, staycation forever.
  2. The joy of a staycation: zero packing, maximum relaxation.
  3. Taking a break from reality and enjoying a much-needed staycation!
  4. A perfect sunset and a cozy hotel room make for the best staycation.
  5. The best things in life are free, like a staycation at home.
  6. A little staycation never hurt anybody.
  7. Ultimate luxury: a whole day with nowhere to be.
  8. Don’t hate me because I’m on staycation.
  9. Break your routine without changing the scene.
  10. Sometimes the best vacation is a staycation.

weekend staycation quotes quotes about staycation

  1. Curled up with a good book and a cup of tea. A nice way to spend this #staycation weekend.
  2. Minibar, where have you been all my life?
  3. The ultimate staycation treat: breakfast in bed.
  4. Take me to a place where Netflix and chill is a daily routine.
  5. There’s always time for a staycation.
  6. When all else fails, take a staycation.

Short Staycation Quotes

  1. Dreamy staycation.
  2. Checking in for some R&R.
  3. When in doubt, staycation.
  4. Staycation goals.

staycation quotes pinterest

  1. Staycation vibes.
  2. Staycation in style.
  3. Hometown tourist.
  4. No passport required.
  5. Staycation is a state of mind.
  6. Work hard, staycation harder.
  7. I love staycation season.
  8. Staycations are the best escapes.
  9. Celebrate and staycate.
  10. Staycation because why not?

hotel staycation quotes staycation quotes funny

  1. I’m a sucker for a staycation.
  2. Staycations are the new vacations.
  3. Time to relax and recharge.
  4. Staycation calories don’t count.
  5. There’s nothing like a little R&R.
  6. Staycation and chill.
  7. Havin’ a hometown holiday.
  8. Staycation state of mind.
  9. This is my staycation smile.

Happy Staycation Quotes

happy staycation quotes

  1. Take me to my happy place: home.
  2. I’m pretty happy with my view this week.
  3. In my happy place.
  4. Finding my happy place, one staycation at a time.

Weekend Staycation Quotes

  1. Weekends are for staycations.
  2. Checking in for a relaxing weekend staycation.
  3. A weekend of pampering and relaxation.
  4. Soaking up the sun and enjoying the pool on our weekend staycation.
  5. Kicking back with some beer and pizza on our weekend staycation.
  6. Weekend mode: ON.

hotel staycation captions staycation ig captions

Quotes About Staycation for Couples

  1. Couple quarantine – by choice!
  2. A romantic escape just for two.
  3. Disconnecting together.
  4. Self-prescribed couples therapy.
  5. Enjoying a romantic dinner for two on our weekend staycation.
  6. Much-needed nest and relaxation for two.
  7. A staycation holiday for me and my bae.
  8. Touristing the hometown with my boo.
  9. Time out for two.
  10. Curling up with a good book and my love on our weekend staycation.
  11. Staycationing with my significant other: ordering takeout and binge-watching our favorite shows.

staycation photo captions staycation quotes images

  1. A cozy staycation, snuggled up with my loved one.
  2. A time for just us.

Staycation with Friends Quotes

  1. A staycation weekend with my very best friends.
  2. Work is just a way to pay for staycations with friends.
  3. We’re never too old for a staycation slumber party.
  4. There’s no elation better than a bestie staycation.
  5. No room for frowns, it’s girls’ weekend in town.
  6. The best staycation with friends is one that feels like it will never end.
  7. Friends who share spa weekends together will be besties forever.
  8. There’s no place like staycationing with friends.

staycation quotes with friends

Staycation Quotes with Family

  1. Destination: family bonding.
  2. Takin’ time off at home with the fam.
  3. Nothing beats an all-relation staycation.
  4. Taking a family-wide staycation from chores.
  5. Family bonding in our own backyard.

staycation quotes with family staycation captions for instagram

  1. Staycation = a chore-free day filled with family time.
  2. The family that staycations together plays together.

Funny Staycation Puns & Quotes

  1. I’m not lazy, I’m on a staycation.
  2. I rest my suitcase.
  3. Yeah, working is great. But, have you ever tried going on a staycation?

funny staycation instagram captions

  1. Vacationing on a budget.
  2. Staycationing in style: wearing my comfiest sweatpants.
  3. I’m on a staycation, and my only plan is to eat ice cream for breakfast.
  4. The only thing on my staycation itinerary? Sleep.
  5. The ultimate staycation luxury: not having to make your bed.
  6. Doing nothing is wonderful!

instagram captions about staycation hotel staycation captions for instagram

Winter Staycation Quotes

  1. Snow day? More like staycation day.
  2. Winter staycation essentials: hot cocoa, fuzzy socks, and good company.
  3. Embracing the chill on my winter staycation.
  4. The ultimate winter staycation activity: a movie marathon.

staycation captions instagram  captions for staycation

  1. Winter staycation plans: hot tub and good company.
  2. Snowed in, but not mad about it.
  3. Enjoying the peace and quiet of my winter staycation.
  4. The best part of a winter staycation? No crowds or lines.
  5. Winter staycation vibes: hot cocoa and a good book.

captions about staycation short staycation quotes

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