Romantic Getaway for Two


To celebrate my boyfriend’s 21st birthday, I took him up to Vernon for a quick weekend getaway at Sparkling Hill Resort. (Or well, he took us there since he drove, but you get the idea.)


I discovered this hotel from Google because yes, in my spare time I like to look up travel destinations.

Sparkling Hill was built in 2010 as a wellness resort spa so it is fairly new still. They are known for their “KurSpa” philosophy which if you were to break down the words, kur in German means “healing” and spa is the Latin word for “water”. In other words, “health by water”.

Another feature that really sets them apart from their competitors is their Swarovski crystals. They are the first resort ever to integrate 3.5 million crystals into each and every element of its architectural design. Can you imagine how beautiful that sounds!?

I’m not a big spa person and I’ve never done one before plus I didn’t think my boyfriend would be interested either hence I didn’t make any spa reservations. I know, it’s a spa resort, we go there and we don’t do spa, what? But all the photos on their website just looked so beautiful that I simply couldn’t resist coming.


Our reservation was for the Superior Mountain King – room with king bed and mountain view. I would’ve preferred the lake view, but my budget was a little tight.

Now their check-in time is at 4pm and check-out is 11am. In the summer when the sun sets late say around 8-9pm, checking-in at 4pm sounds reasonably alright. But we did visit in October when it was starting to get a bit chilly and the sun started setting earlier so 4pm-11am seemed like very little time for us to really enjoy the resort grounds. I guess this is their way of encouraging guests to stay more than one night.

That being said, as soon as we checked-in, we changed into our swimsuits and took a dip at their Instagram-famous infinity pool.


The weather wasn’t exactly nice, but the view was beyond amazing. This was my first infinity pool experience and I just fell in love.


There was an indoor pool as well plus a jacuzzi. There were also different sauna rooms, but since we had an upcoming dinner reservation, we did not get the time to check them out.


Dinner took place at the PeakFine restaurant and although we did not get a window seat, we were still facing the beautiful Okanagan Lake.


To be honest, the food was mediocre. I enjoyed the bruschetta and I had the lamb, thought it was alright, but the spinach spaetzle that came on the side was just completely bland and tasteless and weird in a sense that it didn’t belong on the plate in terms of complimenting the lamb. I mean I’m no food critic here, but for the price that we paid, I really thought the food could’ve been a tad bit better. I was hoping that dessert would not disappoint, but again, average, nothing special, nothing that really jumped at me as “wow, that’s delicious!”

The waiter also somehow messed up my boyfriend’s order as well, so we did get a bit of a discount off of our bill.

I guess the resort does specialize more in the health and wellness as well as the Swarovski crystals aspect rather than dining. But I did have one friend who recommended me this restaurant as her and her own friends actually drove all the way here just for dinner. Maybe I just have a different (aka. pickier) tastebud, who knows!?


After dinner, we took a stroll around the resort and it was just crystals, crystals, crystals, crystals everywhere. The way they glistened elegantly was absolutely stunning.


We got back to our hotel room at last and I presented my homemade mango mousse cake! Yeah I know, we had a big dinner and we had desserts as well, yet we managed to finish half of this cake. Hey, my boyfriend can eat a lot alright.


Next morning, we dined at PeakFine again. Breakfast was buffet style and you know what they say, breakfast’s the most important meal of the day so gotta get fuelled up!


We took another few quick looks around just before checking-out.


After we checked-out, we headed back for Kelowna.


On our way, we took a quick detour to Kalamalka Lake.

Kalamalka basically means “changing colour” and this name is to reflect the different colours of the water. At different times of the year, the water can vary in shades ranging from cyan to indigo. I paid a visit here the summer before with my parents and I was in awe. But again, the weather just did not cooperate with us this whole weekend so we kinda just took photos around the train tracks instead.


We also stopped by Davison Orchards Country Village, a farmers market sort of attraction sight popular in Vernon (according to Google because we were here in Vernon, might as well hit up a few local places of interest).


These honey crisp apples were THE bomb. Very sweet, yet not too too sweet and crispy just like how I like my Fujis. Yeah, we bought a bag. We had to.


And there you have it, our quick little birthday getaway.

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