Layover in Phoenix

Layover in Phoenix

Layover in Phoenix

On our way back to Vancouver from Cancun, we had an eight-hour layover in Arizona so we decided to take this opportunity to venture out of the airport and explore Phoenix!

Layover in PhoenixDay pass for light rail.

Layover in PhoenixLayover in Phoenix

And first stop of course, FOOD!

Layover in PhoenixPizza at Pomo Pizzeria Napoletana. 

I had found this from Tripadvisor and it was listed the no.1 restaurant here in Phoenix. We arrived after 2ish and they were actually just about to close for lunch, but they were nice enough to extend the hours a little just for us (thank you!).

Layover in Phoenix Layover in Phoenix

We took our time and strolled around the city. There were also quite a few museums, but we didn’t think we’d have time to fully enjoy ourselves. Since we still had some time to kill, we took the light rail over to Downtown Tempe!

Layover in Phoenix Layover in PhoenixLayover in Phoenix

There were a lot of hipster stores like Urban Outfitters so we did a bit of window shopping just before heading back to the airport.

Layover in Phoenix Layover in Phoenix

And that concludes our short little one day adventure in Arizona! Don’t forget to check out my Cancun vlog if you haven’t already.

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