130 New York Captions for Instagram for Your Next Photo Dump

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Show off your latest trip and go viral with these New York captions for Instagram!

new york city quotes nyc quotes for instagram

New York Captions for Instagram

NYC is the city that never sleeps.

From the world’s top museums and art galleries to Michelin-starred restaurants and delicious street food, there are countless experiences to indulge in. Not to mention, there are endless photo ops around every corner!

If Big Apple isn’t on your bucket list, these New York captions for Instagram will inspire you to plan a visit.

insta captions for nyc

Best New York City Quotes

  1. New York is not a place. It’s a feeling.
  2. You can’t buy happiness, but you can buy a plane ticket to New York, and that’s pretty much the same thing.
  3. Happiness is holding a ticket that says New York.
  4. Follow your heart, even if it takes you all the way to New York.
  5. A bad day in New York City is still better than a good day anywhere else.
  6. I think I was made to live in New York.
  7. Life is better in New York.
  8. New York… It puts a spell on you.
  9. Today’s good mood is sponsored by New York.
  10. New York is the city that other cities can only dream of being.
  11. Somewhere between living and dreaming, there’s New York.
  12. New York is calling and I must go.
  13. “If London is a watercolor, New York is an oil painting.” – Peter Shaffer.
  14. Dear New York, I’ll never get over you.

instagram new york captions nyc captions for insta

Short New York Quotes

  1. Good morning New York.
  2. Greetings from New York.
  3. Once upon a time in New York…
  4. NYC is always a good idea.
  5. Oh, New York.
  6. Always say yes to New York.
  7. You had me at NYC.
  8. Take me to New York City.
  9. Meet me in New York.
  10. New York, here we come!
  11. Meanwhile in New York…

instagram captions new york

  1. Late nights, bright lights.
  2. Sleepless nights and city lights.
  3. The city that never sleeps…
  4. Wanderlust and city dust.
  5. New York state of mind.
  6. A New York minute.
  7. Welcome to the concrete jungle.
  8. New York is always on my mind.
  9. There’s no place like New York.
  10. New York, I’m yours!

short new york quotes new york quotes instagram

Cute NYC Captions for Insta

  1. New York, New Me.
  2. Hello, New York. You’re looking gorgeous today.
  3. “I look out the window and I see the lights and the skyline and the people on the street rushing around looking for action, love, and the world’s greatest chocolate chip cookie, and my heart does a little dance.” – Nora Ephron.
  4. Taking a bite out of the Big Apple.
  5. I’m just a little apple in the Big Apple.
  6. My heart burns for the city lights.
  7. Fairytale of New York.
  8. Keep calm and go to New York.
  9. “I would give the greatest sunset in the world for one sight of New York’s skyline.” – Ayn Rand.

new york city instagram captions

New York Love Quotes

  1. I fell in love. His name is New York.
  2. I’m having an affair with New York.
  3. Being in New York is like falling in love. Over and over again, every minute.
  4. New York, I love you.
  5. New York is a love story that never ends.
  6. Turn on every light in New York City and I’d still be blind if you weren’t with me.
  7. New York isn’t New York without you, love.
  8. New York is not a city, it’s a world. And in that world, love is the most powerful force of all.

new york city ig captions insta captions for new york

Inspirational New York City Instagram Captions

  1. If you follow your heart just right, it will get you to New York City.
  2. “Make your mark in New York and you are a made man.” – Mark Twain.
  3. These lights will inspire you.

captions for nyc

  1. The sky is the limit.
  2. New York: city of dreams.
  3. New York: concrete jungle where dreams are made of. (Or, “Concrete jungle where dreams are made of.” – “Empire State of Mind” by Jay-Z.)
  4. I went to New York to be born again.
  5. “New York had all the iridescence of the beginning of the world.” – F. Scott Fitzgerald.
  6. My life didn’t begin until I got to New York.
  7. You’re going to make it happen. This is New York.
  8. Anything is possible. This is New York.

New York Puns

  1. Arch you glad you’re in New York?
  2. The views from the Empire State Building couldn’t be any NYCer.
  3. More like Empire Great Building, am I right?
  4. Finally made it to the Statue of Liberty. It’s a boat time!
  5. After sightseeing all day, I’m Central Park-ing myself down for the rest of the night.
  6. Central Park always perks me up.
  7. Seeing Greene.

funny new york captions

  1. Living the High Line.
  2. I’d really lake to live by Central Park.
  3. I’m so glad we MET.
  4. New York, you stole a pizza my heart.
  5. First Time-rs Square.
  6. Winter in NYC is snow joke.
  7. In winter, NYC is the city of tights.
  8. In winter, New York makes a great frost impression.
  9. A trip to NYC can be very taxi-ng on your wallet.
  10. A trip to New York takes quite a bit of dough.
  11. In New York, the vegan puns are so corny.
  12. New York hot dogs are total weiners.

new york puns

Funny New York Captions for Instagram

  1. “New York is the only city in the world where you can get run down on the sidewalk by a pedestrian.” – Russell Baker.
  2. “Anytime four New Yorkers get into a cab together without arguing, a bank robbery has just taken place.” – Johnny Carson. 
  3. Someone asked me for directions, so you can call me a real New Yorker.
  4. The people who say Las Vegas never sleeps must never have visited New York.
  5. If a man can live in Manhattan, he can live anywhere.
  6. “Of course, in Los Angeles, everything is based on driving, even the killings. In New York, most people don’t have cars, so if you want to kill a person, you have to take the subway to their house. And sometimes on the way, the train is delayed and you get impatient, so you have to kill someone on the subway. That’s why there are so many subway murders; no one has a car.” – George Carlin.
  7. “There is something in the New York air that makes sleep useless.” – Simone de Beauvoir.

nyc ig captionsnew york captions for insta

Gossip Girl Insta Captions for NYC

  1. “I love New York City…you’re never alone but you’re always on your own.” – Blair Waldorf.
  2. New York, where Gossip Girl dreams come true.
  3. Conquering New York, one Gossip Girl moment at a time.
  4. Slaying the Gossip Girl game in NYC.
  5. Gossip Girl vibes in the Big Apple.
  6. XOXO, Gossip Girl in the concrete jungle.

quotes about new york

  1. Someone tell Gossip Girl I’m here right now.
  2. Living the Gossip Girl dream in NYC.
  3. Living my best Gossip Girl life in the heart of New York.
  4. Cheers to the Upper East Side and Gossip Girl-worthy adventures in New York. 
  5. Walking the streets of New York like a true Gossip Girl.
  6. Making every moment count, Gossip Girl style in New York.
  7. Channeling my inner Blair Waldorf with this fabulous Gossip Girl caption.
  8. Spotted: me living my Gossip Girl fantasy in New York.
  9. Warning: Gossip Girl level drama ahead!

Sex and the City Quotes of New York

  1. “New York is the perfect place to be single. The city is your date.” – Carrie Bradshaw.

quotes of new york new york quotes

  1. “Year after year, twenty-something women come to New York in search of the two L’s: labels and love.” – Carrie Bradshaw.
  2. “In New York, they say, you’re always looking for a job, a boyfriend, or an apartment.” – Carrie Bradshaw.
  3. “In New York, you’re always just one cab ride away from a new adventure.” – Carrie Bradshaw.
  4. “If Louis was right, and you only get one great love, New York may just be mine. And I can’t have nobody talking nonsense about my boyfriend.” – Carrie Bradshaw.
  5. “New York is like a candy store. You never know what you’re going to get.” – Samantha Jones.
  6. “I love New York. You always feel like you’re in the center of everything.” – Charlotte York.

Other Insta Captions for New York

  1. New York City is a tourist trap I don’t mind being in.
  2. I came, I ate, I conquered.
  3. Enjoying every New York minute.
  4. London is a mystery, NYC is an explanation.
  5. Something’s always happening here. If you’re bored in New York, it’s your own fault.

quotes new york city

Famous Quotes About New York City

  1. “One belongs to New York instantly, one belongs to it as much in five minutes as in five years.” – Tom Wolfe.
  2. “New York is not a city. It’s a world.” – Iman.
  3. “Once you have lived in New York and made it your home, no place else is good enough.” – John Steinbeck.
  4. “When I’m in New York, I just want to walk down the street and feel this thing, like I’m in a movie.” – Ryan Adams.
  5. “It’s pretty cliché, but Times Square is just incredible. You really feel like you’re in the capital of the world.” – Timothy F. Cahill.
  6. “New York has romanced me unlike anything else.” – Blake Lively.
  7. “I love New York, even though it isn’t mine, the way something has to be, a tree or a street or a house, something, anyway, that belongs to me because I belong to it.” – Truman Capote.
  8. “London is satisfied, Paris is resigned, but New York is always hopeful. Always it believes that something good is about to come off, and it must hurry to meet it.” – Dorothy Parker.
  9. “New York is really the place to be; to go to New York, you’re going to the centre of the world, the lion’s den.” – Zubin Mehta.
  10. “You haven’t lived until you died in New York.” – Alexander Woollcott.
  11. “The wanderer in Manhattan must go forth with a certain innocence, because New York is best seen with innocent eyes.” – Pete Hamill.
  12. “I get out of the taxi and it’s probably the only city which in reality looks better than on the postcards: New York.”- Milos Forman.
  13. “One can’t paint New York as it is, but rather as it is felt.” – Georgia O’Keeffe
  14. “I want to wake up in a city that never sleeps.” – Frank Sinatra.

And there you have it!

nyc caption new york quotes for instagram

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