FVDED in the Park ❧

FVDED in the Park

FVDED in the Park

FVDED in the Park is a fairly new music festival here in Surrey, B.C. It was a two-day event and this year featured deadmau5, The Weeknd, and Afrojack just to name a few.

For the longest time I actually wondered what the letters stood for. F-V-D-E-D. It took me forever to finally realize the V is an upside-down A and it’s pronounced “faded”. Embarrassing? Embarrassing.

FVDED in the Park FVDED in the Park

This was the first music festival I’d ever attended with a boyfriend and I was so stoked.

FVDED in the Park

When guys, or even my girlfriends, would hold my hand and lead me through the crowds, I always imagined that to be bae. I certainly got my wish now and music festivals are always fun when you go alone with friends because the people you meet and the vibe you get is a whole different feeling, but going with a significant other makes the experience that much more special too.

FVDED in the Park FVDED in the Park FVDED in the Park FVDED in the Park

I’d also gone with a few good friends and I gotta be honest, I had no idea who most of the DJs were. I wasn’t feeling the music and I couldn’t get into their sets at all. But I did enjoy The Chainsmokers quite a lot. Go check them out if you haven’t heard of them. You won’t be disappointed.

FVDED in the Park

It was a super hot summer day too so thank god for food stands. A cool lemonade to quench the thirst and… dim sum? Never expected to see dim sum being served at a music festival, but I ain’t complaining.

FVDED in the Park FVDED in the Park

And you know what they say, save the best for last!


THE WEEKND. Definitely one of my favourite Canadian singers/producers. Wicked Games was the first song I listened to and I fell in love instantly. Wanderlust. Devil May Cry. Often. Those were the classics for me. And then of course The Hills and I Can’t Feel My Face that gained him his recent popularity are on the top of my list as well. So much love for this guy, but not as much as that one girl who threw her bra at him on stage. What can I say, there are some serious fan girls out there.

Overall not a bad event. The lineup could’ve been a little bit better, but The Weeknd made up for it.

Would I go again next year? Can’t say until I’ve seen the lineup, but I’m glad to see Vancouver hosting more and more music festivals.

See you next time!


  1. Anonymous
    November 22, 2015 / 9:55 am

    Awww you look like you had fun!!!!!! And did someone really throw their bra on stage!?!??!! That's crazy!

  2. Jasmine Chen
    November 28, 2015 / 7:22 am

    Hahaa ya she did! It was an eventful day 🙂

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