USC FreakNight Festival

Let’s get FREAKY!

USC FreakNight FestivalHelp! I’m running out of names for my blog posts!

Ahhhhh yesssssss… Halloween. It’s not considered an “official” holiday, but it definitely is my favourite time of the year.

This year, my girlfriends and I traveled down to Seattle for USC’s annual FreakNight event. This was my first rave ever and I was certainly looking forward to all the dressing up and the music of course!

Seattle Crowne Plaza Hotel Seattle Crowne Plaza Hotel Seattle Crowne Plaza Hotel Seattle Crowne Plaza Hotel

We stayed at the Downtown Crowne Plaza Hotel. We did have to walk a little bit to the nearby mall and shops, but the location was nonetheless still quite central.

Seattle Seattle Seattle

We ventured out after having checked in. And since our bus ride was about eight hours long, we were so starved we had to stop by Auntie Anne’s for some pretzel snacks. Mmm!


Dinner happened back in the hotel and we just had good old pizza from MOD.

And it was time to get ready!!

USC FreakNight Festival USC FreakNight Festival

I decided to go as some kinda Greek Goddess for the first day and Snow White for the second. And yes, I handmade these. I impress myself sometimes.

USC FreakNight Festival

Also did my nails before coming. This girl is ready I tell ya.

USC FreakNight FestivalSO EXCITED!!!!!

USC FreakNight Festival(Time to switch to bad quality photos taken with my crappy old camera.)

USC FreakNight Festival USC FreakNight FestivalOh hi Charly!

USC FreakNight Festival

No photos of the actual stage or anything because they all turned out pretty bad. But needless to say, WHAT A NIGHT!! Absolutely loved Kaskade!


Next day, our new Seattle friends took us on a little adventure around town.

SeattleLunch at The Pink Door.

SeattleThe original Starbucks.

Seattle SeattleSpace Needle

SeattleView from Kerry Park.

USC FreakNight Festival USC FreakNight FestivalLeft to right: Little Mermaid, Snow White, Elsa, Belle, Sleeping Beauty.

USC FreakNight Festival

We all agreed to dressing up as Disney princesses the second day but but but… DAY TWO WAS CANCELLED!! NOOOOOOOOOO…………

We literally got ready then heard the news. All that hard work in the makeup all for nothing. And I was really really excited to see Alesso, but nope, didn’t happen… So we ended up just chilling at a friend’s place.


The following day, we enjoyed hot pot at Boiling Point just before heading back home. And yes, we did eventually get our refunds for day two, but we did travel for eight hours just to get here so no monetary value could patch up our disappointment, or mine at least. But oh well, there will be other times.

P.S. I’ve also made a quick little vlog with my non-existing videography skills, enjoy!

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