Feeling 22~

22nd Birthday

22nd Birthday

Is it just me or does the older you get, the faster the times slip you by?

Last year, I celebrated my birthday in glam style in Paris and this year likewise, I celebrated away from home since bae’s birthday was two days before mine and he had work in Kelowna so I hit up K-Town for our special days!

The morning of was nothing special. And I’m really not big on celebrations, except for last year since I was studying abroad in France. So we went on and about with our day and I obviously didn’t expect anything much. Dinner time came around and bae kept suggesting to eat out at the Korean restaurant we always go to and kept asking if I’d be disappointed if he took me out to such an ordinary place. We both got dressed regardless and he was definitely looking sleek in a nice black knit and black pants paired with the Ferragamo belt I’d gifted him. (Casual dinner? Didn’t seem so casual to me.)

As soon as we got to his car, bae blindfolded me with a scarf and I started to doubt we were simply going out for Korean. I suddenly remembered how he’d been asking about the details of that one restaurant I’d always wanted to try so obviously I got a little nervous and excited at the same time and I had butterflies in my stomach! Bae definitely did a good job of throwing me off too because he took a few extra turns here and there and I seriously couldn’t even tell where the heck we were headed.

22nd Birthday

Before I knew it, we were here! At Ricardo’s!! I’d been dying to try this place for ages, but never had the chance. It was such a cheesy thing for bae to do, but gotta be honest, I kinda dig that romantic stuff (wink).

22nd Birthday 22nd Birthday22nd Birthday

No fancy DSLR photos here, just good old trusty iPhone camera.

I had the lobster pasta, bae the meatball one plus a side order of their soup. And what can I say? I was thoroughly impressed with the food! The portions were big (at least for my bird-like, small appetite) and the chef was super generous with the lobster chunks. Usually when you order anything lobster, you don’t get too much of the lobster meat, but not at Ricardo’s. Not only was the meat tender, the seasonings were perfection as well and all of that paired with al dente linguini pasta… Mamma mia!! It was so good I could speak Italian after this meal. If I had to choose one dish to eat for the rest of my life, this would be the ultimate one. It was just so extremely flavourful and you definitely get your serving of vegetables too. Am I getting sponsored for this post? Uhmm no… But Ricardo’s probably should sponsor me, just saying. (22 years of eating experience, best credentials am I right?)

22nd Birthday

Of course, no meal could be complete without wine. And dessert. The same goes with any birthday celebration.

Italian food, wine, and bae – how perfect could this scene get? Well, bae’s not in the picture ’cause he is a little shy. He exists though. My friends always tease me about how my boyfriends are all photoshopped since none of them have seen any of my mysterious boyfriends hahaa. This one’s real alright and he’s one sweet gentleman. So thankful to be pampered like this and don’t be too jealous guys. See you all in my next post!

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