COVID-19 Testing in Vancouver for Travel ❥ Iridia Medical Review

Everything you need to know about Covid-19 testing for travel.

With border restrictions slowly lifting in most parts of the world, it is finally time to dream of travelling again. Whether you plan to drive down to the United States for a fun road trip or take a relaxing sun vacation on a beautiful island in Fiji, it is crucial that you familiarize yourself with the latest testing requirements and travel regulations. For my lovely Canadian readers who are based in BC like myself, here is where you can get COVID-19 testing in Vancouver for travel.

Iridia Medical

Founded in 1998, Iridia Medical has been specializing in innovative, practical solutions to delivery quality healthcare services to Canadians across the country.

They currently offer two different tests for travel purposes: the rapid antigen test and the PCR/NAAT test. As its name suggests, the former is a quick test that detects protein fragments specific to the coronavirus, whereas the latter is detects RNA specific to the virus, and takes a much longer time to receive results back.

The destination you intend to visit determines which test you need to take. Receive 10% off by booking online today.

Travelling to the United States

Rapid antigen COVID-19 test for travel.

For those looking to travel to the United States, a negative rapid antigen test result is required upon boarding your flight.

I had planned a New England road trip with my friend, Laurie, and we completed our test two days prior to our departure date on October 7th, 2021.

Please note that this post was published on October 20th. 2021. Each country has its own set of requirements. Not to mention, these rules and regulations can change rather frequently hence why I strongly urge you to double check.

The Testing Process

Online Booking & Cost

Before you can take your test, you will need to book an appointment online.

Iridia’s online booking process is very straightforward. Simply select your desired date + time slot. Next, fill in your personal information as well as any details regarding your trip.

Online booking for Iridia Medical. Online booking for Iridia Medical. Online booking for Iridia Medical.

The cost of getting a rapid antigen test is $126. You may pay directly online at the time of your booking.

Iridia Medical COVID-19 test appointment confirmation.

Once confirmed, you will receive an email followed by a reminder the day before your appointment.

Iridia Medical COVID-19 test appointment reminder.

Arriving at the Clinic

COVID-19 testing in Vancouver for travel.

Iridia Medical is located at Unit 206 at 1755 West Broadway. There is street parking all along Broadway. Alternatively, there is also an Advanced Parking lot across the street by Bed Bath & Beyond.

Masks are mandatory and don’t forget to sanitize your hands 😉

The Nose Swab

Rapid antigen COVID-19 test for travel. Rapid antigen COVID-19 test for travel.

I’m sure we can all agree that getting a cotton swab stabbed all the way up your nasal cavity is a little terrifying and not exactly the most comfortable feeling. Luckily, Iridia Medical’s rapid antigen test is a gentle 15-second swab around the insides of your nostrils.

Getting Your Results

COVID-19 testing in Vancouver for travel.

After your nose is swabbed, you are instructed to wait outside the clinic for your results. It takes approximately 20 minutes and you receive a printed record. It really is as simple as that!

Ready for your next international adventure? Book your COVID-19 test online and receive 10% off!

Please note that I was invited to experience Iridia Medical's testing services as media. However, all opinions are my own. The team is highly professionally and I genuinely recommend booking a test with them.

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