Westin Portland

For our little (romantic) weekend getaway, DJ booked our stay at The Westin Downtown. When I was looking at hotels, The Nines actually caught my attention, but Westin was a nice surprise too.

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South Beach Miami South Beach Miami

LMFAO and David Guetta anyone?

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Ultra Miami Ultra Miami

Three months in 2016 and I’ve only just gone on my first trip of the year. What can I say, once you get that full-time job, it’s really hard to escape the 9-5 lifestyle. But all things aside, I ATTENDED THIS YEAR’S ULTRA MIAMI!!!!!
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Crab Pot Seattle

Last time I visited Seattle was for FreakNight, which you can read all about ≪here≫. And because Seattle is such a short drive away, I honestly cannot recall how many times I’ve been down there. Yet because all my visits are so purpose-oriented, whether it be shopping at the outlets, touring University of Washington, or like I’ve just mentioned, attending USC’s FreakNight event, I usually only get to see a bit of the city life. That said, since Papa Chen had some business to take care of in Seattle, my mom and I decided to follow him and head down to the States together for a quick one day trip of exploration.

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Santa Monica Pier LACMA

Every single time I visit a brand new city, I go through an emotional phase of “I wish I could stay longer” and “I wonder what it’s like to live here” then the eventual “I can totally see myself moving here in the future.” Except whenever I’d come home back to Vancouver, those feelings would disappear eventually and I’d soon realize there’s really no place else like home and that home will forever be Vancouver for me. That is, or was, until I recently visited L.A. on a short, spontaneous trip. So without further ado, here are the top reasons why I am so compelled to move to California. View Post