It’s been quite a few months since my last trip to Asia and a lot has happened since. I was in two rear-end car accidents – I’m fine, still alive – but I just haven’t been in the mood for whipping out them blog posts. I’m back and I am making it a goal to blog once a week (hopefully). Sign up for newsletters in the sidebar on the right and make sure you never miss a post!

Now onto the juicy story…

Oregon Coast

Ahhh yessssss, Oregon. I was just in Portland last April but never got the chance to actually see Oregon Coast. Like Vancouver, Oregon is infamous for its rain and can even get a bit stormy at times. If you’re lucky, however, you’ll get to witness the coast in all its glories. View Post

Garibaldi Lake Hike

18km Garibaldi Lake hike – check. A couple years late but my love for hiking has finally kicked in. Guess I can officially call myself a Vancouvrite now!

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Honolulu Honolulu-26

After spending two fruitful days in North Shore, we decided to venture down Honolulu. View Post

Nineteen27 Smores Portland Pittock Mansion

Beautiful waterfalls, amazing food, tax free shopping – oh I’ve heard so much about the City of Roses! No holiday, no vacation breaks, just a regular weekend, but DJ and I decided to pack our bags and away we went on this mini 2-day adventure to Portland, Oregon.

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Crab Pot Seattle

Last time I visited Seattle was for FreakNight, which you can read all about ≪here≫. And because Seattle is such a short drive away, I honestly cannot recall how many times I’ve been down there. Yet because all my visits are so purpose-oriented, whether it be shopping at the outlets, touring University of Washington, or like I’ve just mentioned, attending USC’s FreakNight event, I usually only get to see a bit of the city life. That said, since Papa Chen had some business to take care of in Seattle, my mom and I decided to follow him and head down to the States together for a quick one day trip of exploration.

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