Meet the Girl Behind the Blog

Hey there, my name is Jasmine or Jas for short. I'm based in beautiful British Columbia, Canada and work a regular 9-to-5 desk job in digital marketing. I’m a strong advocate of healthy work-life balance, which is why I take every long weekend I get to travel.

My Suitcase Journeys is a luxury travel blog that specializes in weekend getaways for the 9-to-5 traveller. The name “My” originates from the initials of my Chinese name – Ming Yu – meaning bright and joyous. Likewise, with travelling, there is laughter invoked, but trip planning requires careful decision-making and smart thinking as well. From hotel reviews to restaurant recommendations, the blog covers a wide range of topics to help travellers find comfort and inspiration in their designated city of voyage. So what are you still waiting for? Come conquer the world with me one footstep at a time!

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