Maiko Villa

As mentioned in a previous post, our last destination in Japan was Kobe and Seaside Hotel Maiko Villa was where we spent the night. It is a beautiful resort overlooking the Akashi-Kaikyo Bridge and Akashi Strait and everything about our stay here screamed seaside vacation. View Post

If you’ve read ≪Welcome to Osaka≫, you’ll know that I stayed two nights in Osaka, both at different hotels.

For me, a hotel is simply a place to rest, a place to sleep when you’re travelling out and about exploring foreign cities so it doesn’t need to be extremely fancy. The main thing I look for is cleanliness and I have a thing for bright hotel rooms. That said, based on my own criteria, I recommend both of the hotels that I stayed at. However, I’ve come up with a more detailed breakdown of the pros and cons of each so you can evaluate them yourselves if you’re planning to visit Osaka anytime soon.

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Sea to Sky

I’ve lived in Vancouver for over a decade, yet I’ve never skied or snowboarded at Whistler let alone pay a visit in the summer. So I dragged my boyfriend up with me and we spent our first little getaway here. View Post

Grad 2015

After four years of university, I’m proud and somewhat scared to say that YES, I’VE GRADUATED!!!!!!!!!! View Post


What’s crazier than going to Cancun for spring break? Going to Cancun for spring break with a total stranger.
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