Yume Yakata Rental Yume Yakata Rental

As mentioned in ≪In the Streets of Kyoto Part 2≫, I rented a kimono from Yume Yakata. This was my second or third time trying on a kimono, but my first time actually wearing the kimono out to the streets so it was definitely a special experience.

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Maiko Villa

As mentioned in a previous post, our last destination in Japan was Kobe and Seaside Hotel Maiko Villa was where we spent the night. It is a beautiful resort overlooking the Akashi-Kaikyo Bridge and Akashi Strait and everything about our stay here screamed seaside vacation. View Post

Kobe Mysterious Consulate of Trick Art Kobe Mysterious Consulate of Trick Art

Arima Onsen, Kobe Port Tower, Kobe beef, Mount Rokko, Shin-Kobe Ropeway, Chinatown, sake breweries – these aren’t the only attractions Kobe has to offer. View Post

Shin Kobe Ropeway Mouriya

Hello Kobe! Not Kobe Bryant. Kobe. One of the ten biggest cities in Japan. View Post

Onishiya Onsen Onishiya Onsen Onishiya Onsen

Having spent three amazing days in Kyoto, we left the city and embarked on a spiritual journey to Kinosaki Onsen.
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