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9 Best Places to Eat in LA for the Serious Foodie

9 Must-Try Restaurants in Los Angeles” is no doubt my most popular pin on Pinterest. So here I am, two years later, back from a 4th trip to my favorite City of Angels with even more insider information to share. As promised, I present you part 2: the absolute BEST places to eat in LA in 2018!

9 best places to eat in LA that you absolutely cannot miss.
9 best places to eat in LA that you absolutely cannot miss.

1. Kang Ho Dong Baekjeong

Address: 3465 W 6th St, Los Angeles, CA 90020, United States
Phone Number: +1 213-384-9678
Website: (this is their NYC site that has more complete info)
Reservation: First come first serve, does not take reservation
Dress Code: Casual
Price: $$$

Kang Ho Dong Baekjeong

Kicking off the best restaurants in Los Angeles list with my absolute favorite one of them all – Kang Ho Dong Baekjeong.

Run by the Korean comedian Kang Ho Dong, this table-grilled barbecue chain has spread its popularity from South Korea to the streets of New York and LA. They are known for their premium beef and pork cuts and serve pretty much every possible banchan (side dishes) you can think of.

Kang Ho Dong Baekjeong Kang Ho Dong Baekjeong

It was only me and my lady friend and the two of us ordered the beef combo ($79.99) because our eyes are obviously bigger than our appetite. With the combo, you get two types of meat (I believe we chose the marinated short rib + prime rib eye) plus a stew (we picked kimchi stew) as well as sides like steamed egg, corn cheese, mushroom, sweet potato, and kimchi. Let me tell you, we were sat at a giant round table and the plates were filling up the space all the way to the rim. We were completely stuffed yet we still managed to finish everything we ordered because it was so darn good we simply couldn’t help ourselves.

Kang Ho Dong Baekjeong Kang Ho Dong Baekjeong

My Verdict

During my trip to Seoul two years ago, my friend and I were determined to hunt down some authentic Korean barbecue. When we did, however, the server burnt our food. That said, I don’t have a benchmark to compare this to, but I will tell you that this place is bomb. I recommended it to a coworker and him and his buddy went three nights in a row to try to get a table. Despite being unsuccessful until the very third night, he said it was totally worth all the trouble. It’s no wonder there are queues out the door and people are willing to endure the long waits!

If you’re not a fan of standing in line, come for early lunch or early dinner to avoid the prime times. We came here directly from our morning flight arriving at LAX (hands up if the first thing you do after landing is find a place to eat hahaa). Even then half the restaurant was filled already. It’s no joke how well-liked this place is.

2. Tacos Tu Madre

Address: 11824 N Vermont Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90027, United States
Phone Number: +1 323-522-3651
Reservation: Not required
Dress Code: Casual
Price: $

Tacos Tu MadreLeft to right: Fried Chicken, Korean BBQ, Grilled Chicken.

#2 on the list we got Mexican cuisine because #tacotuesday! (Get it? Tuesday, 2nd day of the week hence #2 on the list? Well okay, strictly speaking Sunday’s the real 1st day of the week and Tuesday would the 3rd, but anyways that’s not important.)

Tacos Tu MadreHilarious review found on Yelp.

Tacos Tu Madre is a small, cozy little taco shop my girlfriend and I discovered whilst staying at an Airbnb in Hollywood. Their style isn’t really typical of Mexican food, but rather more of a fusion cuisine type feel with Asian influences. You have eastern flavors like Ahi Tuna, Vegan Banh Mi, and Korean BBQ and more traditional/Latin American ones like Fried Fish, Fried Chicken, Bean & Cheese, Shrimpe Ceviche, and Asada. Everything listed on their menu can be made as a taco ($2.50-5), burrito ($7-13), or burrito bowl ($8-14).

Tacos Tu MadreTacos Tu MadreGet yourself a girl who looks at you the same way I look at food.

The food took awhile to come because again, they’re small and there was only one chef working the kitchen. This was the Vermont location though. They do have two others on Westwood and Larchmont Boulevard with an additional one opening in DTLA soon.

Make tacos, not war. ✌🏼 #TacosTuMadre || 📷:@saratoufali

A post shared by Tacos Tu Madre (@tacostumadre) on

My Verdict

Definitely a hip spot with refreshing flavors. The Fried Chicken one was good so was the grilled. Korean BBQ was not bad as well, very different and not what you’d expect to find at a taco shop. My friend got the Ahi Tuna which came on a crispy shell instead. She got something else too I don’t remember what but we we were both pleasantly surprised. Their taco shells are also gluten free so bonus points for those of y’all with dietary restrictions.

Oh and for those who speak Spanish, please tell me what their name means. I know tu madre is your mother and it’s been killing me not knowing whether or not it’s Your Mother’s Tacos or Tacos Your Mom (like in a provocative “we make better tacos than your mom” sense?).

3. Catch LA

Address: 8715 Melrose Ave, West Hollywood, CA 90069, United States
Phone Number: +1 323-347-6060
Reservation: Preferred
Dress Code: Dressy casual
Price: $$-$$$

Catch LA

If you recall my previous must-try restaurants in LA post, a lot of places I’d recommended were fine dining. All three trips since my first one back have been road trips where I’ve felt lazy to pack fancy dresses and heels. That said, a lot of restaurants we visited were more casual and overall more budget-friendly. One of the fancier spots we did hit up was Catch LA.

Catch LACash me outside how bout dat.

Catch LA Catch LABlack Label Burger (top). Lunch special – Poke Bowl (bottom).

Catch LACatch LAA little difficult to photograph my food considering the angle the sun was hitting our table at.

First off, how cuteeeeeeeeeee is this place!!! It’s like the total perfect spot for Sunday’s brunch with the gals. The food was amazing and the service was top-notch (until towards the end since lunch time crowds were pouring in and our waiter got busy with too many tables to handle). No wonder it’s a favorite even amongst celebrities.

What attracted me to Catch initially was The Anytime Waffle Tower ($15) on their brunch menu. It’s basically a giant tower of waffles with ice cream in between each layer and I mean who could say no to that! Except we did end up getting to brunch a little later than planned, closer to lunch time. By then I was craving more of an actual meal rather than dessert so I went with the Poke Bowl (~$25?) instead, which was divine by the way. The tuna was marinated in this delicious tangy sauce with mangos and avocados and laid atop a bed of brown rice. Who said healthy food couldn’t taste good!

My Verdict

Growing up in an Asian household, I was always used to the idea of sharing food at restaurants. I know in Western cultures, everyone orders their own and it’s sometimes almost rude to ask someone to take a bite of their food. Even though this isn’t really a family-style restaurant where the dishes are meant to be shared, I highly encourage you to come here with friends and share the love and enjoy the food together. Every item on the menu literally looks to die for. I was honestly almost sad that my friend and I both have tiny bird appetites and couldn’t order more food to share. Even just browsing their Instagram as I draft this post is making me drool all over my keyboard!

In terms of $$$, it’s not as expensive as the previous restaurants I’d suggested. Prices for brunch in particular are fairly reasonable. Everyone has their own definition of what’s pricey and what isn’t depending on their level of income and such, but I do think this place is well worth a visit 😉

4. Commissary at The LINE LA

Address: 3515 Wilshire Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90010, United States
Phone Number: +1 213-368-3030
Reservation: Preferred
Dress Code: Nada
Price: $$-$$$

Let’s grow, but first lunch. #planting #la #lunchdate photo by @eggcanvas

A post shared by The LINE Hotel (@thelinehotel) on

Ever dream of dining in a greenhouse garden?

Make that wish come true at the Commissary – yet another great spot for brunch, especially perfect for those days you wake up and feel extra hungry. On weekends, they host a buffet from 9AM to 3PM with unlimited made to order entrées and you can even get bottomless mimosas for $18.

Commissary at The Line LA

My date and I both got the Choriquiles (chorizo, eggs, cotija, crema, and enchilada sauce) and boy was that spicy! I’m a sucker for hot foods but at the same time, I’m terrible at handling heat. I didn’t expect the chorizos to have that much of a kick but I mean it was good. The atmosphere was quite nice too and I wouldn’t mind coming back for dinner. Was looking over their menu just now and Cauliflower Steak with curry, parmesan, and quinoa? Ughh yum! What about Faackitas grilled steak with poblano mash and cotija? K-Town Fried Chicken? Cauliflower Tempura? Man it’s 1AM here and I seriously don’t know why I torture myself like this looking at delicious food in the middle of the night.

My Verdict

With The Line hotel being situated in Koreatown, it’s only natural that Commissary is run by Korean chef Roy Choi and caters to the taste of the neighborhood. (Seems like this post has a Mexican/Korean food theme.) Very trendy restaurant overall. Great food, great vibes.

4. Bottega Louie

Address: 700 S Grand Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90017, United States
Phone Number: +1 213-802-1470
Reservation: Does not accept reservations
Dress Code: Smart casual
Price: $$-$$$

Bottega Louie

Alright, while we’re on the topic of brunch, let’s talk about another “it” spot in LA: Bottega Louie.

Bottega Louie Bottega Louie Bottega Louie Bottega Louie Bottega Louie Bottega Louie Bottega Louie

Known for their decadent desserts and pastries, Bottega Louie is a dream paradise for anyone with a sweet tooth. I personally never understood the hype with macarons until I visited Paris and got a taste of the real deal. Since then I’ve been hooked and the macarons here can for sure compete with the OGs from Ladurée or Pierre Hermé.

Bottega Louie Bottega LouieTop to bottom: Birthday Cake, Coconut, Violet Cassis, Earl Grey, Rose.

Apart from being a pâtisserie, they are a restaurant as well that also provides catering services. I highly recommend paying a visit for weekend brunch because their menu is absolutely droolicious.

Bottega LouieBottega LouieBelgian Waffles. Served with fresh berries, Chantilly cream, and Vermont maple syrup.

Bottega LouieLobster Hash. Lobster, Yukon Gold potatoes, two poached eggs, shallots, brussels sprouts, smoked paprika, and hollandaise sauce.

My Verdict

I actually came here with my dad on our most recent trip in February. Now my dad’s the kinda person who only likes Chinese food and Chinese food only. He will still dine at Western restaurants every now and then but I never hear him compliment the food. Ever. Or that was true until our visit here. You can imagine how phenomenal the dishes must be for someone as old-fashioned as him to give praise. By the way, he hates sweets too, but he loved the Belgian waffles. So there you go, Bottega Louie as approved by Papa Chen.

6. Amazebowls

Address: 1425 Ocean Front Walk, Venice, CA 90291, United States
Phone Number: None for this location
Reservation: Not needed
Dress Code: Beach attire!
Price: $ish (acai bowls are pricey in general, but I’d say Amazebowls charges the average price)


If you’re looking for something a little faster, a little more grab and go for breakfast, look no further than Amazebowls.

Amazebowls AmazebowlsAmazebowls

They do have 4 locations with the Arts District one being a sit-down restaurant and the rest more so food trucks and mini shops. Definitely do visit the Venice one. It’s right on the Boardwalk (technically on a side street and a little hard to find, but look out for Big Daddy’s Pizza) and you can bring your acai bowl straight to the beach. No better way to start the day than that!

AmazebowlsExcuse me, have you seen my eyes? I seem to have lost them in the sun #smalleyeproblems.

My Verdict

I got the signature bowl Amazebowl with an acai base and granola, fresh fruits, coconut shavings, and agave as toppings. It’s $8 without the coconut bowl and $10 with it, if I remember correctly. The service was pretty awful and really slow. Everyone looked as if they hated their job and this girl was slicing fruits like that was the last thing she wanted to do in her life. Don’t get me wrong, the Amazebowl was amazing indeed, but just be mentally prepared to have to wait in line and deal with these miserable souls lol. One good thing about them is you can pre-order online. That way you can pick-up your bowl whenever it’s ready and skip the wait!

7. Milk

Address: 1639 Silver Lake Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90026, United States (another location on Beverly Boulevard)
Phone Number: +1 323-913-9911
Reservation: Not needed
Dress Code: Casual
Price: $$ (somewhat pricey if you compare it to store bought treats, but it’s worth it)

You know what they say. There’s always room for dessert.

Milk LAMilk LA

No, this doesn’t really belong on a “best restaurants in LA” list, but whoever invented macaron ice cream sandwiches is a friggin’ genius and this most certainly deserves a spot on your “best places to eat in Los Angeles” checklist.

Milk LA Milk LAFruity Pebbles (most popular) & Thai Milk Tea.  

My Verdict

I got the Fruity Pebbles flavor ($5?) and just eating the macaron alone was a little too sweet, but the ice cream balanced it out perfectly. Besides ice cream sandwiches, they also do sundaes, milkshakes, and other icey treats as well as cakes! I first found out about them via Instagram and I knew immediately that I had to visit. One bite will seriously get you hooked and you’re gonna wanna wish you lived in LA.

8. SomiSomi

Address: 621 S Western Ave Ste 208-A, Los Angeles, CA 90005, United States
Phone Number: +1 213-568-3284
Reservation: Not needed
Dress Code: Casual
Price: $

SomiSomiMilk & matcha swirl with red bean filling.

If Milk doesn’t satisfy your sweet tooth craving, SomiSomi definitely will with their taiyaki soft serve.

SomiSomi SomiSomi SomiSomi

Taiyaki originated from Japan and is a fish-shaped (tai) waffle/cake traditionally filled with red bean paste. Over the years it’s evolved to include other fillings like custard and comes in savory flavors as well. Funny enough, SomiSomi is actually Korean owned and taiyaki in Korea is called “ah-boong”.

My Verdict

I originally wanted to try their ube and black sesame but they were sold out that day. The milk and matcha combo was a classic regardless especially paired with the red bean filling. The ice cream does melt instantaneously though. I only had time to take one photo and it was already dripping all over my hand. Very messy to eat so be prepared with a few napkins.

9. The Cliff

Address: 577 S Coast Hwy, Laguna Beach, CA 92651, United States
Phone Number: +1 949-494-1956
Reservation: 1-hr waitlist call ahead available; reservations not accepted
Dress Code: None
Price: $$-$$$

Last and final item on today’s places to eat in LA list. Technically not in LA however, but it’s a must.

With stellar views, The Cliff is a Laguna favorite amongst locals. It’s almost like a small whatchamacallit market? You enter through an art gallery which leads to an open area with little jewelry and handcraft shops. Then you got your oceanfront restaurant at the back. We came here for breakfast and the weather was horrid, but 10/10 would come back again for both the view and the food.


French Toast.

If you haven’t noticed by now, this entire post is almost centered completely round Mexican cuisine. LA’s extremely close to the border so there’s no surprise that the food is heavily influenced by flavors from the south. Going back again to Papa Chen’s picky taste, no way in a million years did I ever imagine he was going to like chilaquiles. Prior to our trip as I was planning where to go for dinner, I brought up a few Mexican restaurant suggestions and was shut down immediately. Needless to say the food here is phenomenal with the exception that our French toast was a tad burnt on the edges.

My Verdict

The Cliff serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner all seven days of the week with happy hour running from 3-6PM on weekdays. For sure a great spot to grab a few bites and drinks with friends on a lazy Saturday afternoon. Spectacular choice for family outing as well. Laguna Beach is about an hour or so drive away from LA and it’s worth the trip without a doubt. If you do decide to come check out the food yourself, be sure to read up on my “5 Best Hidden Beaches in Laguna Beach” post. That way you can plan yourself a mini day trip.

9 best places to eat in LA that you absolutely cannot miss.
9 best places to eat in LA that you absolutely cannot miss.

And that’s it for this week!

Hope you’ve enjoyed my top 9 best places to eat in LA recommendations. There’s obviously much more to California than just its food scene. In fact, here are 100 + things to do in LA you mustn’t miss out on.

Ready for your Los Angeles trip? Book your hotel today!

Tune in next time as I share my favorite photo spots in LA. Until then!

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  1. Ahh.. I’m dying for some Korean food right now! Everything on the table looks pretty delicious and makes me really hungry!! 😀 Over-all such a yummy post, no wonder your first post was popular. 🙂 The Amazebowls sounds pretty convenient for a quick breakfast or on-the go and looks delicious too. I like that you have also included several dessert shops. Nothing beats desserts! 🙂

    1. I was craving Korean BBQ so badly when I was drafting this post hahahhaa. Hope this will inspire you to pay LA a visit 😉

  2. I love this post. One of the hardest things we have to navigate when traveling is where to eat. Usually the restaurants that are in the touristy areas aren’t that great – so I love that you’ve given me some great new restaurants to try when we return to LA.

    1. Glad to hear you enjoyed the post, Stacy! It’s always a struggle for me trying to find restaurants too when I’m travelling so I usually try to do some homework beforehand. Let me know which of these you end up trying!!

  3. I was excited to see you tried some of my favorite spots! Kang Ho Dong Baekjeong is, by far, my favorite Korean BBQ spot EVER. You totally got me some major cravings! I also love Bottega Louie, you should definitely go back during dinner and try their chocolate lava cake, I’m not a huge fan of chocolate in general, but theirs is an amazing cake! Milk is also one of my favorites, totally love ALL of their milk tea flavors, especially their jasmine milk tea.

    1. I can totallyyyyyy see why Kang Ho Dong would be your fave. I feel like if I lived in LA, I’d probably gain 20lb just eating there every week hahaa. And sounds like I’ll have to revisit Bottega Louie as well! I actually heard about that place years back. Don’t know why it’s taken me so long to go, major regrets now!

  4. Oh God, I cannot even choose which one I’d like to try the most! Possibly every one of them 😀 The amazebowls literally look amazing!

  5. Wow! So many excellent foodie places you visited. I havent been to LA yet but have bookmarked this page for when I do go. Gotta know the foodie places 😛 I went to nearby San Francisco for the first time and the amount of bloggers recommending foodie places was amazing and I wasn’t let down. 🙂 All I can say is….. yummy yummy yummy, I want all this food in my tummy! 🙂 (but not all at the same time) 😀

    1. California for sure has some amazing restaurants. Glad to hear you found my guide useful enough to make its way to your bookmarks (hahaa) and you’re gonna have to let me which ones you visit when you do go!

    1. You’ll definitely have to hit up Kang Ho Dong if you’re ever in LA or NYC then. You’d absolutely love their BBQ!

  6. Thank you for making me so hungry! I don’t know where to start on this list as everything looks good! I have a sweet tooth though, so I think I’d head straight to Bottega Louie and get me a bit of everything! I haven’t been to LA for a long time, but I know where to eat if ever I return!

    1. Yassss girlll you’d absolutely love Bottega Louie!! It’s like every dessert lover’s dream paradise 😉

  7. food looks so delicious..u have done some excellent food photography..u should consider it selling them to restaurants.. 🙂
    thanks so all the suggestions..for sure will try all this out on my visit to LA

    1. Thanks so much Ritika! That’s such a compliment and genius idea. Not sure why I haven’t thought of that before. Let me know which one of these you enjoy the most if and when you do go!

  8. OMG this made me soooo hungry! I have yet to hit up most of the places on this list, but Bottega Louie and Milk are two of my all time favorites and this made me wanna go back so bad!

    1. Can see why Milk would be a fave!!! I was honestly so tempted to just get one of each flavor for their macaron sandwiches hahaa. You’ll have to take me with you if you ever go back!

  9. Beautiful post! I love all your pictures and recommendations. And I would loooove some of those chocolate covered strawberries now!

  10. This post is so timely with my travel plans! I’m visiting my daughter in southern California in May, and we will be spending time in L.A. and the surrounding area. I’m not sure whether the super hot or super sweet foods will be my favorite (I love both!), but will be checking out the Commissary at The LINE LA and Bottega Louie for starters. Hoping to get to Venice Beach as well. That coconut bowl looks fabulous! Thanks for such a comprehensive list of delicious looking choices! YUM!

    1. Talk about perfect timing!!! The coconut bowl was one of my faves so I highly recommend hitting up Venice Beach. Enjoy your trip and let me know your thoughts on the ones you do visit!

  11. i got so hungry just loooking at your picture. would love to try every single thing from your list, especially the sesam ice cream. I love ice creams!

  12. LA definitely sounds like it has a ton of incredible places to eat. Tacos are definitely on our list for sure and the Korean barbecue looks great. That waffle tower! Amazebowl is an awesome idea. Milk is absolute heaven OMG.

    1. LA’s definitely a foodie’s heaven. The thing too is that there are always so many new restaurants opening up, the choices are literally endless! 😉

  13. All of these places look amazing. I love how LA has so many diverse options. I am a huge fan of Korean food and would looove to eat at Kang Ho Dong Baekjeong 🙂

    1. Hahhahaa I shoot with a wide angle lens so it tends to extend and prolong my body making me taller and slimmer XDDD

  14. This post has me drooling so much!! Seriously, so many good foods here – that Korean BBQ definitely has my name all over it. Good to know about the waiting times though – very helpful of you to include details like that x

    1. Glad to hear you found it helpful, Becca! The waiting times are crazy, but I guess that’s when you know a place is REALLY good 😉

  15. This post has made me so hungry! All of these places look and sound divine, but the Bottega Louie really stood out to me! Those waffles look super delicious! One of the best parts about traveling is the food

    1. Couldn’t agree more with you there Kelly! My favorite part about visiting new places is always trying the local food. Hope you’ll get to give Bottega Louie a visit next time you’re in LA!

  16. Hahaha I think I would love to visit LA only to try the desserts at all the above places. The Commissary looks cozy and perfect for a date night. My top pick would be the Bottega Louie, the desserts looks so so delicious!

    1. Right!??!?! Bottega Louie has so many options to choose from I basically wanted to order one of everything hahaa. And The Commissary is super cute and IG-friendly. Highly recommended!!

  17. What a range of places to eat. This list seems to promise Nirvana to the gourmets. Commissary at The LINE LA is a place that looks promising to have a leisurely meal. The prospect of eating in a greenhouse somehow appeals to me. But I was really floored looking at the range of sweets and desserts spread out at Bottega Louie. The fare looks so tantalizingly tempting.

    1. Dining in a greenhouse is for sure an experience not to be forgotten. If you’re ever in the LA area, I definitely recommend having brunch there on a lazy Sunday morning followed by afternoon tea at Bottega Louie 😀

  18. That first Korean BBQ place looked amazing! I’d probably put up with the sour faces to get an acai bowl and take it to the beach but really the stand out for me was the beachside dining at Laguna.

    1. Dining at The Cliff definitely makes for an unforgettable experience. I was so bummed out that it was gloomy though. Let me know if you ever visit so I can live vicariously thru you!!

  19. Oh my the food scene in LA looks astounding, you had me at the waffle tower though I must say! I have a sweet tooth myself so for me Somi Somi really stood out, that soft serve ice cream is making me hungry!

    1. That waffle tower just looks to die for isn’t it!!! If you ever order it at Catch, you’ll have to let me know if it’s good or not!

  20. Firstly am drooling over the pics and then Catch LA would definitely be a place I would love to try. The outdoor garden setup looks quite interesting. Thank you for covering up all the delectable spots in LA

  21. Wow all those place look amazing! Especially Catch LA the food looks fantastic! Great choices, I am sure LA is similar to NYC in the melting pot of foods you can find there from the mixture of cultures.

    1. Oh for sure! They’re both very similar in that aspect. It’s one of the best things about a city being so multicultural!!!

  22. What a choice! Everything looks amazing, but gosh the Korean grill- I love when there’s a variety of side dishes to go with the meat. I can see why that coconut bowl photo was your most pinned post on Pinterest! 🙂 Also, the greenhouse setting is beautiful, including the details (like vintage plates).

    1. Hahaa actually the most pinned post was my previous one a few years ago, but that coconut bowl one is doing super well right now too! Guess everyone loves a good smoothie bowl 😉

  23. I didn’t think of LA as a culinary center, but it sure looks like there are a lot of great restaurants. The food looked delicious, but I have to admit that I was really drooling over the palm trees. Probably because it’s snowing where I am….

    1. Omg I feel you Catherine! Super jealous of LA’s sunshine while the rest of the world is basically covered in snow during the winter months. If you ever find yourself in LA next time, be sure to try these restaurants on top of enjoying the palm trees and nice weather!

  24. You’re right; LA is an amazing culinary destination that I didn’t come to appreciate until after I moved away from there. I haven’t been to any of these restaurants, since I usually do vegan-only places, but the Amazebowls looks to-die-for! I love acai sooo much and it always brings me back to the streets of Rio. Also, the ocean view at The Cliff is stunning! Looks like your research was quite yummy. 😉

    1. I was never a fan of doing research back in my university days but research on food? I’m all over it! And that’s such a bummer!!! I feel like it’s common not to explore the city you live in and you never realize its beauties until after you move away. I guess this gives you plenty of reason to revisit someday eh 🙂

  25. Well, I love Korean food so I guess I would be willing to stand in line at Kang Ho Dong Baekjeong. Sometimes, waiting in line for a restaurant can actually make me hungrier 🙂 And I would also love to try those Amazebowls, even if the staff is not that amazing! Thanks for putting this together

    1. IKR!!! It sorta makes you look forward to the food even more. I would suggest visiting for late lunch or early dinner to avoid the lines though because waiting for hours is no fun no matter what hahaa. And you’re super welcome, Andra! Hope you found this guide helpful 😀

  26. Ohmygawd my mouth is WATERING!! I’m originally from LA, but I’ve been living in Spain for the last six years. Without a doubt the thing I miss most (after the loved ones, obvs) is the FOOD!!! LA is one of the BEST cities in the world to find bombass Mexican, Korean, Ethiopian, Japanese, Paraguayan… you name it… right on the same street. Jaysus, I need to go home and visit because you just left me drooling!

    1. Aww I’m so sorry Erica for making you miss home hahaa. I bet the food in Spain is amazing too though. You’ll definitely need to visit home someday. Could always catch up with friends and families at one of these awesome restaurants in town 😉

  27. It seems like I have expensive tastes because I really want to go to Kang Ho Dong Baekjeong and Bottega Louie. My bf loves Korean bbq and basically orders all of the meats while I die of overload because I don’t really eat a lot of red meat most of the time. And those jam donuts at Bottega Louie! They make me want one right now!