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A local’s guide to Hollywood’s best nightlife.

Hollywood Best Nightlife

So I’m really starting to think that I bring back luck to the cities I visit…

I mean first it was Vegas with the shooting and now LA with the fires… What is going on in the world!? It seriously pains my heart to hear about these series of unfortunate events and I sincerely hope the best for all those affected in these recent tragedies.

That said, I feel 100% guilty publishing this guide at a time like this, but for those looking for a little (future) fun in Los Angeles, here are some awesome Hollywood nightlife spots to hit up as recommended by local friends.

1. The Rosy Oyster

The Rosy OysterPhoto from LAist.

Just launched this summer at the boutique hotel The Hollywood Roosevelt, The Rosy Oyster is a brand new poolside sipping spot with cute AF aesthetics perfect for stepping up your Instagram game.

The Rosy OysterPhoto from LAist.

The Rosy Oyster The Rosy Oyster The Rosy Oyster

We found out about this place from our Airbnb host as he was attending a friend’s party there the night we arrived in town. Now this place has terrible Yelp reviews, most of which are complaints about bouncers not letting guests in even when empty. Let’s be real tho, LA is very much a “network” city. Everyone knows a friend who knows someone who knows another somebody and this is generally how you get in places. So yes, we were lucky that our host talked with the bouncer and led us in. If you don’t have any connections, expect there to be a bit of a wait.

Drinks are average – just your typical bar selection – but overall fantastic ambiance. Definitely a fun and flirty spot for girls night out.

2. Tenants of the Trees

Tenants of the TreesPhoto from Yelp.

This one technically isn’t in Hollywood, but it’s nearby in Silver Lake.

Tenants of the Trees Tenants of the Trees

They refer to themselves as a “creative compound” that is comprised of three different concepts.

There are three separate areas/rooms. You have your R&B/Hip Hop room that has electrifying lights (Out of Order). A second room with old school mixes and strong #tbt vibes (Tenants of the Trees). And last but not least, the back that opens up to an outdoor patio with very cute string lights and overall a great place to mingle (Concession).

Essentially you’ve got three bars/clubs in one and you get to enjoy all three for the cover of one. The crowd is diverse, the music is awesome (not your typical top 40 mainstream radio crap), and the drinks aren’t bad as long as you don’t torture yourself with ordering something you don’t have fond memories of like I did hahaa. SUper different than anything I’ve ever really experienced and I LOVED it.

Tenants of the Trees left. Concession right.

Friendly reminder that the washroom lines are super looooonnnnnggggg. If you can’t hold it in for a good 30-45 minutes, don’t order too much to drink 😉

3. Houston Hospitality

Houston HospitalityPhoto by Josh Telles from Life & Thyme.

Run by the twin duo Mark and Jonnie Houston, Houston Hospitality is a brand of perhaps some of the most popular bars and lounges in greater Los Angeles.

Piano BarPhoto from Houston Hospitality.

Piano Bar

Piano Bar on Selma Avenue (heart of Hollywood) was the first of many to open. There is no cover, no dress code. Just a simple, chill dive bar where you can grab drinks and enjoy music with a couple good friends.

Music played here include soul tunes by Miles Mosley.

First of many but Piano Bar is unfortunately permanently closed. Only found out after I’ve drafted the post, but I’ll still keep it here on the list because this is where it all started.

Dirty Laundry

Located on Hudson Avenue (West Hollywood), this is another Houston fave and is a fun basement bar. It’s tucked away underneath a Hollywood Boulevard apartment and the name is made in reference to the method in which alcohol was smuggled in laundry baskets during Prohibition.

Dirty Laundry Dirty Laundry Dirty LaundryPhotos from Dirty Laundry.

The cocktails here are hella bomb and while Whiskey Sour, Hollywood Park (bourbon-based), and Pop Rocks (vodka-based) are all highly recommended, if you are looking to be a little wild and adventurous, try the High Desert (barley-infused & rye-based).

Dirty LaundryHigh Desert. Photo by Frank Ishman from Time Out Los Angeles.

The music ranges from 1920s jazz to ’80s throwback but if you’re in the mood for some Hip Hop on a Wednesday evening, be sure to hit up their weekly Cyber Ceremony event.

Pro tip: follow Dirty Laundry on Twitter to find out their secret password of the night.

Hello Weekend! #NoVacancy #NoVacancyLA #CraftCocktails

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No Vacancy

One other cool vintage bar on Hudson Avenue is No Vacancy. Based in a restored Victorian home, No Vacancy has served as a film set for Lana Del Rey’s latest cover for Complex Magazine.

They are known for their pre-Prohibition era craft cocktails including Gin and Jameson, The Royal Swizzle (Atlantico Reserva rum-based), and The Professor (Bols Genever, Solerno Blood Orange liqueur, aperol and fig bitters).

No Vacancy The Royal Swizzle. Photo by Jacob N. Layman from Time Out Los Angeles.

No VacancyThe Professor. Photo by Jacob N. Layman from Time Out Los Angeles.

Wednesday nights at 10pm are “Porch Sessions” where a new artist or band is featured every week. Other than that, DJs run the show until the late-night live bands take over (blues, jazz, harmonicas).

It can be described as “Hollywood-eque” and although not for everyone, it definitely holds some iconic Los Angeleno charms.

Pro tip: if you’re not on that guest list, you better make sure to show up extra early and befriend the doorman.

Hollywood Nightlife

Disclaimer & Final Thoughts

I know it seems that the quality of my photos are getting worse and worse in each post but heck ain’t nobody carrying around a 5lb camera to a bar! And truth be told, when you’re really having fun, you forget to even look at your phone, which is why I didn’t get as many photos as I would’ve liked for this post.

That said, my girlfriend and I were only in LA for two nights hence we didn’t actually hit up any of the Houston brothers bars. I was recommended to this by my Airbnb host – again (thanks Jon!) Everything is based on reviews I’d read online with the three (technically two) highlighted Houston Hospitality bars being the ones I would for sure hit up next time I’m back. I also strongly believe that music is a very personal preference not to mention “fun” and “best “are relative terms. (This is me justifying my clickbait title when this post should really be named “Two Bars/Clubs We Visited + Additional Research from Google”. Hah.) What I like may not necessarily tickle your fancy but worse case scenario, bottoms up and you’ll have a great time regardless.

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Well, that’s it for this week on Hollywood nightlife. For more “things to do in Los Angeles” or where to stay, check out these below posts:

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  1. It’s too bad the Piano bar has closed, but the rest of these places all look amazing. Don’t be so hard on yourself, I enjoyed the pictures! 🙂 Thanks for sharing these cool spots! Can’t wait to check some out!

    1. Aww thanks Stefanie! Although I really didn’t take most of these photos hahahaa. Please let me know your thoughts if and when you visit!! 😀

  2. All these places look excellent, and has put me in the mood for a cocktail or two! I don’t know anything about Hollywood nightlife, so this will come in handy. I like the twins’ bar, a great name!

  3. These all look and sound so interesting! I would love to visit the Dirty Laundry, the prohibition theme is intriguing and needing a password seems so exclusive. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Great interiors in most of the bars. Would be difficult to choose from all the choices. Local spots most of the time offer the best things rather than the more touristy overrated places.

    1. LA’s parties last pre much the whole night. You’ve got after parties after one another so I”m sure you could try them all if you really wanted to 😉

    1. Crazy right?! I haven’t been yet but I might be making a trip back to LA again so will for sure let you know when I find out!

  5. Dirty laundry looks pretty cool, the kind of place I’d like to try! And tucked away in the basement of a building, ah! I’m definitely going here. I also love the interiors, so nice!

  6. I think I’d like Dirty Laundry best. They have such hidden bars in Buenos Aires, too although there was never something like prohibition. For example, there’s a flower shop but when you go inside, a door leads to a basement bar. There’s not even a sign on the building, you need to know about it, otherwise, you will never find it.

    1. Oh how cool!!!!! Will definitely be making me some local friends in Buenos Aires so they can take me to all these fun hidden gems!

  7. wow..very informative post..i love all the places in teh mentioned and reading this post just before the weekend makes me already tipsy..some interesting things got added to my bucket list after reading your post.

  8. Love the look of these bars, definitely will keep in mind for when I visit Hollywood, but for me the dirty laundry really sticks out, just by looking at the picture it has so much personality and charm jumping out at me, practically calling my name haha.

    1. Dirty Laundry’s definitely a special one. I’m hoping to visit next time I’m in LA. Maybe I’ll see you there!

  9. Thanks for the inside scoop on the night life there. It seems like they have quite the number of classy looking drinking establishments. Seems like the kind of places you could really dress up to go out at.

  10. I’d prefer a night both in No Vancancy. The interior decor of both places look great. But you’ve got one packed list and imma sure be referencing when I’m having work dinners. My team would not mind unwinding here after a successful project.

  11. what an awesome post, i have been to Hollywood so many times and never these places!! This is the perfect inside scoop and The Rosy Oyster looks like an instagram heaven haha!

    1. Hahaa it was! They’re open from 6pm so great to come in the summer and take some cute photos before it gets dark 🙂

  12. It’s been years since I’ve sampled Hollywood nightlife. What a gorgeous list! I would love to sip a Whiskey Sour in Dirty Laundry!

  13. LA definitely has good nightlife. You definitely found the more unique places that LA has to offer. Good job on that! Sounds like you had fun as well!

    1. Eekk! Piano Bar is actually permanently closed. I explained why I still left it on the list but sorry for the confusion. LA has a lot of cool bars like that tho so I’m sure you’ll find something similar!

  14. I’m headed to LA next month so this post couldn’t come at a better time! I’ve been looking for less touristy (but still trendy) spots to go to and this list will definitely help me figure out where to go out. Thanks for the info!

  15. I like the decor of The Rosy Oyster . And the fact that you can sit by the pool and sip your drink in peace is so very inviting. I would definitely love to check this place out when in the locality.

    1. AGREED!!! It feels like such an intimate space (especially with the lights and all). You’ll have to let me know if you like it!

  16. Although I’m not a night owl, I love the atmosphere of these bars. The drinks look amazing! I don’t think I would wait in a long line to get in, but maybe the line wouldn’t be as long when I would go (much, much earlier)!

  17. Wow! I’ve never been to Hollywood but some of the bars remind me of speakeasy type bars in London. Really cool!

    1. I’m quite upset I didn’t get to explore much of London’s nightlife last time I was there. Guess I got to experience a similar version here in LA!

    1. Dirty Laundry seems to be a hit with a lot of my readers. I’ll definitely have to check it out next time I’m back in LA!

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